Get To Know Some Of OurCustomers & Partners

To bring the turnkey GameSTACK™ Internet Gaming System to jurisdictions around the world, GAN relies on a symbiotic network of partners from licensed casino operators, content suppliers, payment processors, and many others. The integration friendly GameSTACK™ will continue to expand as new innovative content and solutions are developed.

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Simulated Gaming Partners

Well before social gaming was seen as an integral part of casino marketing, our early adopter casino partners carved out a space for themselves online and have seen material online and offline revenue benefits.

Real Money Gaming Partners

GAN specializes in first-to-market deployments, organizing our team around the complex technical, regulatory, and probity requirements of Real Money Gaming markets around the world. In Italy, GAN was one of the first content providers to go online and the GameSTACK™ RGS currently serves over 50% of total gaming transactions. In the U.S., GAN was the first technology provider to launch, in conjunction with our partner, with both desktop and mobile Real Money Gaming in the regulated New Jersey market.

The Company also launched digital user acquisition & retention marketing in support of provided by GAN's Digital Marketing Agency in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Integrated Partners

GAN’s GameSTACK™ IGS platform is designed to be a truly integration-friendly hub — bringing together world-leading content, analytics tools, payment processing providers, and other supporting services. GAN has a strong portfolio of integrated partners today, and will support our partners’ requests for additional innovative services as they arise.