Solving for...Online Gaming.
GameSTACK™ IGS was developed to be a nimble platform, able to quickly and seamlessly integrate with external best-in-breed service providers across content, age verification, payments and more. GAN’s excellence in ongoing platform development has been recognized by eGaming Review, earning the title of Platform of the Year in 2015 and 2016.

GAN ensures all of our partners have access to the latest platform innovations and functionalities both commercially and technically. The GameSTACK™ IGS is maintained through an evergreen software release model, meaning all global hardware deployments receive the same code updates – universally ensuring exciting front-end features like leaderboards are available to our partners in Simulated Gaming™, Real Money Gaming, and Mobile on Premise Gaming.

With fifteen years in online gaming experience, GAN offers a market-proven ecosystem of products centralized around the GameSTACK™ IGS. The GameSTACK™ IGS is a turnkey platform supporting real money and social gaming, and includes the:
  • iSight™ Back Office with embedded business intelligence tools
  • iBridge Framework™ Loyalty to Platform Gateway
  • SENSE3™ Mobile
  • Proprietary and 3rd party content
  • 3rd party services, including payments and KYC

iBridge Framework™: Bridging the Gap and Bringing Customers Back in Your Doors

GAN achieved a first-in-world innovation by connecting the GameSTACK™ IGS to a Casino Management System over five years ago. Operators of both Simulated and Real Money Gaming can capitalize on the real-time system to system communication — the iBridge Framework™:
  • U.S. Patented System to System Technology
  • Capture new player data including email details
  • Deliver player-customized messaging
  • Unprecedented analytics: Likened to 100% rated play, all player data is sent to your CMS

Unlike any other B2B social or RMG offering available today, iBridge Framework™ enables operators to automate marketing processes between the online and offline spaces. Players who make purchases online receive additional loyalty points in-casino, unique experiences, and other exciting comps to bring them into the casino again and again. For example, in the iSight Back Office™ an operator can create a promotion which gives land-based VIP players a free hotel stay in-casino for making a purchase of credits to play the Simulated Gaming™ experience at home.

GAN's technology has delivered material in-casino lift across its partner network, and will continue to find exciting ways to bridge the online and offline worlds.

SENSE3™ Mobile: Solving for...always-on engagement.

Unlike many concierge apps in the casino space, SENSE3™ is a proprietary technology used to deploy game content, promotions, and messages through downloadable apps and mobile web – making SENSE3™ Mobile the only complete on-demand full casino gaming experience and loyalty portal on the market.

Like many of our offerings, SENSE3™ is an ecosystem designed to support an exciting end-user experience through a clean, easy to navigate interface. All in-app engagement data is tracked in the iSight Back Office™, giving your operation the equivalent visibility of 100% loyalty card tracked play. Going beyond:
  • Customized interface fully branded for our partners
  • Slot and Table Game favorite titles from world leading suppliers
  • Complimentary mobile-web product directing patrons to App & Play Stores
  • iOS & Android Native Downloadable Experience
  • Facebook Connect, Fully KYC, and Loyalty Card Sign On Available
  • Player In-Box & Notifications
  • 1-click In-App purchases
  • Intelligent location based marketing tools

iSight Back Office™

iSight Back Office™ is GAN's proprietary, web-based engine which captures and drives activities across Simulated Gaming™ and Real Money Gaming. GAN has invested heavily into the complete overhaul of iSight which enables our partners to efficiently manage all aspects of their online businesses. iSight includes graphical dashboards and an intuitive interface, making everyday tasks easy to perform. Those dashboards are configurable on a per-user basis; enabling team members across marketing, finance, and customer services to serve customers with ease. With a complete design and capabilities overhaul in the past year and continuing today (more than 300 employee-years of total effort), iSight has emerged as one of the most robust back-office environments in the iGaming industry.

Unlike any other platform and back office in the business, iSight enables your operation to create loyalty program that can reside independently within the GameSTACK™ IGS but also, where requested, tie into any land-based loyalty program, inclusive of offering points toward redemption at your casinos!

iSight does it all:
  • Robust analytics and reporting available in real time, including data visualization
  • PAM: Play Account Management including visual history of every bet
  • Multi-tier loyalty program integration for intelligent marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Marketing campaign creation for desktop and mobile casino sites
  • Widget based configurable dashboards
  • Supports Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet marketing and reporting
Want to Learn More? Please contact GAN for more information on GameSTACK™, iBridge Framework™, SENSE3™ Mobile and iSight™ Back Office.